Dabbers' Take

And the big picture


Currently jars are filled by hand. Auto filling 2000 or more dispensers per hour sounds great. But at the end of the day, better doesn’t matter if the consumer doesn’t care.

We got together with the crew at our local Tahoe Vapory to get candid perspectives from educated dabbers. It was inspiring to hear their views and what matters to them.


When most consumers think about dabbing it probably includes “sticky mess” and “indiscreet”. That is why it’s mostly connoisseurs and patients that use it; it is a hassle. What can a simple dab dispenser change?

Dosing for one. Concentrate is an important aspect to countless patients’ pain and symptom management. Its efficacy and entourage effect is unmatched. Does the ability to dose with accuracy and ease start a new dialogue about the all-in-one gram that fits in your hand!?!

What will connoisseurs love most? The means to conserve their precious, jam, sugar, sauce or shatter; or how well it slides into the smallest spaces; or just that it is completely fire?

How about retails sales? Will budtenders be excited to show off something new and different? Imagine this dab dispenser intriguing the minds of browsing customers. Might the demand for dab grow when word gets out that it is breeze to use?

Distribution. No matter your business model, if you produce or distribute dabs you work hard to get shelf space.  EZ Loader is a 5/5 win to get your brand noticed!

  • A stand out container
  • Beautiful store display
  • Talking points that focus on your brand
  • A winner for the consumer
  • More efficient and profitable production

The EZ Loader Dab Dispenser solves the pain points with elegance and ingenuity. Request a free sample today. There is so much to gain!

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From dosing to conserving, EZ Loader is the answer

EZ Dabbing!

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